Nomination for OGP Steering Committee members opened

The nomination phase for new OGP Civil Society Steering Committee members is now open (and will run to June 15).

If you know somebody or have the ability to engage strategically and effectively at the global level with senior government and civil society members; read and represent the concerns and interests of the civil society community; and powerfully clearly articulate core OGP issues then this is your opportunity.

The day before the Bali SC meeting the civil society members met to agree on who will rotate of the SC. Ms Iara Pietrokovsky, Mr Nikhil Dey and Ms Maryati Abdullah volunteered. At the SC meeting it was also decided to broaden the SC to 11 civil society and 11 governments. This means 5 seats will open up this year. Looking at the current mix we can state that candidates from Africa, Asia/Oceania and Latin America and the Caribbean and candidates with social movements/campaigns credentials and/or working in the fields of access to information, fiscal transparency or extractives are especially encouraged to apply.

This is an opportunity for civil society leaders from across the world to bring their skills, expertise and network to OGP. The process hopefully attracts strong candidates from a diversity of regions and backgrounds, leading to a balanced team of civil society members on the Steering Committee that are well-positioned to continue to provide strategic and effective leadership to OGP.

You can find more information in the rotation note, which describes the responsibilities, requirements and nomination process. Please read this note carefully before applying or submitting a nomination.

You can submit a nomination by sending the following to

  • Your CV (max 4 pages)
  • A cover letter explaining a) your (or the candidate you are nominating) motivation for joining, b) what open government experience/skills you bring, c) highlight demonstrated track record in global level leadership, articulation and strategy (max 2 pages)
  • A strong example of a video, blogpost, article or piece of writing you have already done that reflects your thinking and articulation on open government and civil society issues.

All complete nominations will be uploaded in full to the OGP website and will be public for all to see.

The selection committee will comprise of Warren Krafchik, Suneeta Kaimal, 2 volunteers from the broader OGP CSO community and Paul Maassen (OGP Civil Society Coordinator).

The selection committee will assess and rank candidates using criteria and needs stipulated in the rotation note, shortlisted candidates will be asked to send endorsement letters and will be interviewed in person in July. The selection committee will carefully document the basis of their choice and communicate a short list with clear indication of preference of top three candidates to the civil society members of the SC, who will ultimately endorse the decision in writing as per the Articles of Governance.

If you want to volunteer for the selection committee then please send a short letter explaining your motivation and qualification to serve to copying Criteria used are specified in the rotation note.

Accountability and start
After initial approval by the CSO SC members of the final list of proposed new members, the selection committee in writing will present an account of their process, deliberation and choice to the broader community– making clear why they feel the selected candidates will do the best job. The names will be released at the same moment as OGP announces the new Steering Committee (scheduled for 4 August 2014).

The newly chosen Steering Committee members will formally commence their term at the conclusion of the Steering Committee meeting tentatively planned in New York in the third week of September 2014.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. And please share this open nomination call widely!